(Top 10) Best Popular Photo Editing Apps for Mobile

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Today I am going to tell you the best popular photo editing apps for mobile phones, which are used by big photo editors, and that too for free.

Best Mobile Photo Editor Applications

There are several popular photo editing apps available for mobile devices. Here are some of the best ones:

1- Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom: Lightroom is a powerful and versatile app that offers a wide range of editing tools and presets.

It allows you to adjust colors, exposure, and other settings with precision.

Lightroom also offers advanced features like selective editing and cloud storage for seamless synchronization across devices.

2- Snapseed

Snapseed: Snapseed is a free photo editing app developed by Google.

It provides a variety of editing tools and filters, including precise control over brightness, contrast, and color balance.

Snapseed also offers selective editing, healing brushes, and a range of creative filters.


VSCO: VSCO is known for its film-inspired presets and editing tools.

It offers a vast collection of stylish filters and adjustable settings for fine-tuning your images.

VSCO also includes features for sharing photos within its community and discovering new creative content.

4- PicsArt

PicsArt: PicsArt is a comprehensive photo editing app that combines editing tools, filters, and creative effects.

It includes features like a collage maker, drawing tools, and a social platform for sharing and discovering user-generated content.

PicsArt offers a wide range of editing options for both beginners and advanced users.

With a combination of editing tools, filters, and creative effects, PicsArt also provides a platform for sharing and discovering artwork.

5- Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express: Photoshop Express is a simplified version of Adobe Photoshop designed specifically for mobile devices.

It provides essential editing tools like cropping, rotating, and adjusting exposure.

The app also offers a variety of filters, borders, and basic retouching features.

6- Afterlight

Afterlight: Afterlight is a user-friendly app that offers a wide selection of filters, textures, and overlays to enhance your photos.

It also includes basic editing tools and options for adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. Afterlight provides a simple yet effective editing experience.

7- Enlight

Enlight: Enlight is a feature-rich app that combines powerful editing tools with creative effects.

It offers a range of adjustment options, including curves, selective control, and blending modes. Enlight also includes artistic filters, double exposure effects, and advanced retouching tools.

8- Pixlr

Pixlr: Pixlr offers a comprehensive set of editing tools, including adjustments for exposure, color, and cropping.

It also provides a wide selection of filters, overlays, and creative effects. Pixlr is user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

9- TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch: This app is specifically designed for removing unwanted objects or blemishes from photos with its easy-to-use retouching tools.

10- Prizmo

Prizmo: Ideal for document scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Prizmo also offers basic photo editing features and text recognition capabilities.


These are just a few examples of popular photo editing apps for mobile devices.

Each app has its own unique features and editing capabilities, so I recommend trying out a few to see which one best suits your editing style and preferences.

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